Inspired by Toni Duclottni's "Haute on Handbags: A Designer Handbag Haul" video, I thought I'd make a list of which handbags I've bought that are my favorites:

· Classic flap bag with classic chain by Chanel in black with silver hardware. I bought it for my mom for Christmas 2007 from Neiman Marcus at the Fashion Valley mall in San Diego and I always try it on and check myself out when she wears it and visits me. Tee hee!

· White (sorry, the one pictured is cream) shoulder bag by Salvatore Ferragamo. I bought it for my mom for Mother's Day 2008 from Bloomingdale's. She loves it!

· White leather zippered flap clutch by Jimmy Choo. Bought this from the Jimmy Choo store at the South Coast Plaza in Orange County in the summer of 2007 on sale!

· The First handbag by Balenciaga in a mushroomy beige (I think the color was called 'khaki'). I bought this from in the fall of 2007.

· Black with gold hardware club purse by Versace. Bought mine from Nordstrom at the Fashion Valley mall in San Diego in the winter of 2007 on sale!

· Black with silver studded hardware club purse by Burberry. Bought mine from Neiman Marcus at the Fashion Valley mall in San Diego in the summer of 2008.

· Brown grained (sorry, the one pictured is smooth and not pebble-grained) leather satchel by Tod's. Bought this from the Cabazon outlet mall on Memorial Day weekend 2008 and got it on sale! My boyfriend's colleague actually asked if I had a printer in the handbag because I was pulling out so many documents from it! :D It holds a lot!

· The Ultimate Soft medium handbag in the camel color by Chanel. Bought this from the Neiman Marcus at Fashion Island in Newport Beach in the winter of 2008 and they gave me a discount because of a defect my boyfriend found (a little frayed string on the chain.. yay)!

· The Day handbag by Balenciaga in a grey. Bought this in the summer of 2009 at the Balenciaga store in Las Vegas when I went out for a work conference -- The HP Tech Forum. This is my largest and most versatile handbag.

Ironically, I didn't wear a handbag for most of my adult life. I just started getting into handbags in the past few years. Even now, I'll sometimes just not wear one at all. I'm still a bit of a tomboy that way. :)

Update -- here's my current arsenal:

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  1. Awesome, I recognize most of these...sept the LV :)

  2. GoGlam says:

    i have a major case of purse envy for your chanel! My sister actually has that one.. and I know it's probably the most basic actually (bc your whole list is to die for!).. but I think it is just 100% classic and timeless. Love it girl!

  3. motled says:

    @RollerScrapper I know.. the LV I bought my mom way back when (it was probably closer to 5 years ago when I didn't care for purses) but, she doesn't really love it all that much because it's a Speedy 25 (too tiny) and now-a-days, girls are wearing the Speedy 35 and even 40! (they're huge!) so I removed it from the list actually. You're too quick for my final edits. LOL :)

  4. motled says:

    @GoGlam I know what you mean! Ohh.. I love that little classic flap Chanel bag!!! I never got it for myself because.. well, I wanted my mom to rock it and I didn't want to get the same exact bag for myself. You and your sister have good taste tho! "House of Haute" has an amazing collection but, it's soo expensive with the studs and zippers and crazy hardware. I couldn't pull it off personally. I think you could though.. you know, if you wanted, that is. :)

  5. Alison says:

    motled!!! Is there anything you don't do? =) LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog! Subscribing now!

  6. Hey Love!! I wish you would've told me about your blog sooner! I just stumbled across it. You're so amazing I love you Haute Handbag selection too. You're such the fashionista! Many Hug & Kisses.