Read on for some tips and tricks I have learned to achieve perfect curls...
For special occasions, I like a quick, sure-fire process that will give me professional curls in an instant. That's when I turn to my Remington hot roller set. Basically, after I wash my hair, as I'm blowing drying my hair, I'll have my hot rollers plugged-in and heating up. Once my hair is dry, usually the ready-indicator dot on my hot rollers has turned from red to black and I'm ready to roll up my hair in sections and secure them with the provided plastic clips. With the rollers in place, I'll then lotion my legs or bronze my décolleté and take out the rollers about 5-10mins later and my hair is usually a little tight but will loosen to perfect curls!

For an every day style where I don't want to apply any heat to my hair, I will simply sleep on some curlers the night before and take out the rollers when I wake up which requires practically zero time in the mornings and I really love that. I've tried velcro and "wrap, snap & go" rollers and they do not work best for me. For the best result, I use the purple rollers from the following two sets:

· Conair Fast Dry Rollers -- which I use for my bangs and crown
· Conair "Fast" or "Quick" Curls Rollers -- which I use for the rest of my head of hair

UPDATE: I don't really use the above-listed Conair heatless rollers anymore because setting them by sleeping on them overnight was quite a chore for me since it was so difficult to get comfortable sleeping on them, not to mention the lack of control as to how the curls would turn out the next morning. Since mid-March, I've been using the following combination and it's been perfect for every day:

· Remington H-1015 Ceramic Compact Hot Rollers 10 count
· Conair SPC10X Super Clips 10 count

These hot rollers heat up in a couple minutes, set in 5 minutes, and are so quick and easy -- I love them for my every day curly waves and it's great for travel too!

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  1. Nice tips! I may have to try some of those other curlers...I hate using hot rollers b/c they make my head too hot and then I can't put on make up or move b/c if I exert too much effort my forehead and nose starts to basically that's dead time for me...

  2. motled says:

    Thanks! I guess my forehead and temples are covered by the rollers so I don't really do my makeup while I wait. I tend to lotion my legs and bronze my décolleté and then after I take the rollers out, I'll clip my hair back and do my makeup. I do like the roller set you have though; very cool flip cover on the rollers. :)