The evolution of mo.honey's blog

To date, my blog has consisted of artificial, inocuous, YouTube-inspired posts serving tips & tricks for the general public. Since I had learned the most from beauty and fashion videos on YouTube, that's what my posts dished up. However, the blogs that interest me most are more scientific, intimate, and consist of a clever sharing of life's ruminations. The thing that has kept me from having a blog like that has been two-fold:

1· Most of my friends and family were local so I could express myself to loved ones by making plans to see them.

2· I was dedicated to my work BlackBerry for the past 5 years and wasn't using a personal cell phone that had multimedia capabilities to make sharing easy.

Now that I'm no longer living in close proximity to my friends and family, and most of my friends and colleagues have either an iPhone 4 or a Droid X, I'm ready to upgrade my phone and start publishing seasonal posts about my life's ruminations on my blog -- and hopefully, they're clever!

So, the mental debate for me to make this transition has been iPhone 4 vs. Droid X.
... wish me luck!        ♣