Happy New Year! While it is still January, I wanted to post some of my favorite things of 2010.

1· In January 2010, Tyler and I vacationed to the big island of Hawaii and Maui with our dear friends Jim & Huey and their friends, Maynard, Levy, and Terence; and we saw a sacred sunset atop Mount Haleakala, the tallest mountain in the Pacific. (Here are our glamour shots -- a birthday gift from my parents.)

2· In February 2010, Tyler -- while on crutches! -- went with me to Orlando to see what it would be like before relocating there for my work -- I was moved beyond belief by his complete love and devotion.

3· In April 2010, I ate 60 chicken mcnuggets in one sitting with good friends from work as witnesses. (Here is the awesome YouTube video that Duane made for me)

4· In May 2010, Tyler proposed to me at the Flower Fields and j-kitty (my "rollasista") got married to The Captain in Point Loma.

5· In June 2010, Tyler and I got married in Coronado with Rareş Ciprian Săftoiu as our officiant and Werner Marius Jainek flying in from Germany for us- the planning was fun and easy and the wedding was perfect and amazing.

6· In July 2010, I had all four wisdom teeth removed (no painkillers after) and Tyler and I celebrated with Elisa at j-kitty & The Captain's boat party for the Fourth of July and it was a *blast*.

7· In August 2010, Tyler and I moved to Orlando, Florida for my work for a planned stay of two years; and my first move out of Southern California.

8· In early December 2010, Tyler and I visited Chicago, Illinois for the very first time and we experienced a winter wonderland.

9· In mid-December 2010, I soloed in a Cessna 172 and am one step closer to my private pilot.

10· In late December 2010, Tyler and I spent quality time with our BFFs in Orlando, the princess Alison and Special K, and lit up fireworks as if it was 1999.

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  1. Woo hoo! I feel so lucky to have been at 3 of your faves :)

  2. HWB!

    I love your 2010 favorites, they're my favorites too! I can't wait to do all the things that are going to make up your 2011 favorites list! :)


  3. Alison says:

    I loved every minute of this! It's amazing how much change happened for you in 2010... can't wait to see what happenes in 2011!!!! Muah!