I snuck a couple of photos of our St. Patrick’s Day “potluck” today from work. I didn’t get any shots of the dozens of boxes of Papa John’s pizza on the counter because by the time I got my camera, they were all cleared! As you can see, there were plenty of desserts though -- which I have to admit makes me recoil a bit. I am not a sweets person, I am a savory person. So, a part of me was hoping to see some corned beef and cabbage but, alas, there was none. It would be great if there were healthy alternatives provided at work holiday functions: some broccoli, celery & peanut butter , and pesto would be awesome. And, I was too lazy to bring anything so I really shouldn't complain one bit! I am just thankful that I coincidentally left the apartment wearing a green top on St. Patrick's Day! And a surprising number of people wore green today so I was happy to fit in; as if I had planned it. One gentleman even wore a neon green fro around the office! Groovy.

Happy St. Patty's Day! ♣

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  1. Alison says:

    Oh contrar mo frar, you ARE sweet AND savory. hehe. The one thing that always frustrated me about potlucks is the amount of store-bought sweets. They are cheap and easy so I guess that's why everyone brings them. But then you end with a whole lot of nothing. And let's face it, store bought sweets are NOTHING compared to homemade.

  2. Someone needs to invent a cool meat dish that's green! Everyone always makes sweets because they're easy to dye green. Imagine if you showed up at one of these St. Patty's Day events with green Porkchops! That would be awesome and delicious! :)

  3. green chicken chili? With chili verde sauce?