Travel: "There's been a murrdah in Savannah!"

For the last week of March, the Foutiliers (which is comprised of our Orlando BFFs -- the princess and Special K -- and T.$ and I) took a weekend road-trip to the prettiest city I've ever vacationed to in my life: Savannah, Georgia. Keeping in mind that I've never been good at history or politics in school, I wasn't able to really appreciate the rich history that was embedded all throughout the famous "historic" district of Savannah, Georgia. However, I was able to appreciate the southern hospitality, the charming architecture, the pedestrian-friendly walkways and parks, and the large and colorful azaleas in bloom (what the princess and I referred to as the "Georgian hibiscus").

The town was so lovely and charming. We wanted to stay much longer and we had already begun discussing where we'd stay and eat on our return visit. If you know me, you know that I'm a foodie and I was really looking forward to eating some of Paula Deen's food. Her food on the Food Network looks so comforting and rich and although I expected to be disappointed, Paula Deen's The Lady & Sons restaurant dinner buffet surprisingly met my expectations. The fried chicken was perfection! And, it was the best first-time taste of fried green tomatoes I could have hoped for!

Also, another point of excitement for T.$ and myself, was that we were able to bring Harry Belafonte with us. He is such a sweet kitty and did very well although he was carried the whole time that he joined us for the walking tours throughout the streets of Savannah (he's only just started to walk on his leash). LOL. We're so blessed to have amazingly understanding and supportive friends that dealt with finding a pet-friendly hotel and restaurants with outdoor seating so that we could keep our "baby" with us on this trip. If we're lucky, maybe The Foutiliers can go back for Christmas!

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This post's title is a quote: "There's been a murrdah in Savannah!" - The [American] Office, Season 6, Episode 10