Aviation: My First XC flight -- and it was to Key West!

This past weekend, I flew a Cessna 172N in a cross-country flight to Key West as part of my requirements for my Private Pilot License. Click on the photo above for the pictures that Tyler took and click here for pictures that I took (And, if you're interested, click here for my TripAdvisor review on the best pasta I've ever had in my life -- it was on Key West). It was an 8.2 hour, hot and challenging roundtrip flight from Orlando, inclusive of a beautiful morning flight over the Palm Beach and Miami coast and an afternoon flight the next day with lightning storm dodging over the Everglades on the onset of Florida's rainy season. This is one of my proudest moments. I learned so much and I am newly motivated towards a future career as a pilot. In the meantime, this new found energy has me looking at pilot gear! And, I found the coolest retrofitted headset kit: the Bose QC15 and the UFM adapter -- a.k.a. "UFM/QC15". It would be awesome to have for my passengers (like Tyler) to listen to their iPhones while I fly him to cool places. I'll have to buy this duo as a secondary headset once I complete my IFR license. In the meantime, what will I treat myself to when I complete my VFR PPL? Wilco. I'm between a Lightspeed ZULU and a David Clark H10. I'd get the Lightspeed ZULU but it is beaucoup $$$!