My Favorites of 2011

Happy New Year! Here are my favorite things of 2011:

1· In January 2011, The Foutiliers kicked-off New Year's with Orlando-style fireworks; what a BLAST! Shortly afterwards, Tyler and I participated in coordinating and experiencing Kelley-Con with Kelley's friends: Duane, Dan, Dillon, Jennifer, and Jon -- who all flew out from San Diego, CA to Orlando, FL to be there for his surprise birthday celebration.

2· In February 2011, Tyler and I adopt and fall completely in love with Harry Belafonte, our new kitty, at 5 months of age, who quickly becomes our most loved precious little baby. We also have the pleasure of spending time with our dear friends Jim and Huey in both New Orleans, LA and Galveston, TX.

3· In March 2011, We are treated with a cross-country roadtrip visit from our Oregon parents, Roy and Ardene and we experience a fantastic fan boat ride with gators all around! The Foutiliers then end the month by visiting Savannah, GA -- the most charming city in the world.

4· In April 2011, Tyler and I spend one week visiting San Diego, primarily for Simon and Laurie's wedding -- it was a joyous event and a delight to experience. We also took this opportunity to announce to parents, close family and intimate friends that we were 4 months pregnant.

5· In May 2011, Tyler and I begin the new home purchasing process towards our first family home together with the help of our dear friend and amazing realtor, Huey Lin of Pegasus Uptown Realty in San Diego, CA.

6· In June 2011, I fly Tyler and my CFI on an 8.2-hour cross-country flight round trip from Orlando Executive Airport to Key West while 7-months pregnant.

7· In August 2011, I complete and obtain my Private Pilot License (single-engine land) two days before National Aviation Day and a week before the 8-month pregnancy mark -- just in time! Two weeks later, we move back and into our new home in San Diego, CA.

8· On October 22, 2011, Desmond is born and Tyler and I become first-time parents of a human being.

9· In November 2011, my maternal grandmother passes away. She is my last grandparent and I'm thankful that she blessed my marriage with Tyler and that Desmond could meet her at the funeral.

10· In December 2011, I find out that my job has asked for an exception and I continue employment after my maternity leave in San Diego; I can help sustain our family and our home for 2012. A happy ending to the year.. Huzzah!♥